December Report

from the Lodge
Hottest Baits:
Superspooks, smithwick jerkbaits , Berkly swim baits , senkos, super flukes
Hottest Colors:
motor oil colored powerworms
Time of Day:


Dec 27th


We just returned from Baccarac and it was an amazing trip to say the least. First day was a half day on the water we caught just 7 fish beating the banks with spinners and top waters. Worst of the group
by far. The next morning we told Genaro that we wanted to fish deeper off the banks and it was game on from there on out.

Brad caught 5 fish over 9 which one was over 11 and we easily boated 50 to 60 fish over 6 lbs. The next day it was my turn with 2 over 9 and a lot of 7 & 8 lb fish. We caught 70 to 80 fish a day the rest of the trip, all good quality heavyweights. The majority were caught on Carolina rigged power-worms and 7 in Yum Dingers. Great trip, great knowledgeable guide. Cannot wait to go back. And by the way the chef
was outstanding also.

Rick McDougall

Dec 21st ,,

Great " Mexico Bass Fishing " at Lake Baccarac with most boats catching 40 in the morning and then 40 to 50 after the lunch break. Bass Fishing in Mexico at Lake Baccarac is the best according to Terry Rader > Excellent numbers of 4 to 8 pound bass currently hitting Motoroil power worms

Next Group arrives on Dec 29th...Have a Merry Christmas

Dec 18th

The fishing has gotten better for Brad Drake with his big fish of 11.4 and countless 3 to 7 pound fish - fishing deep

Dec 17th

Fishing on Dec 16th

Wow, what a difference a couple days make..

Robert Spolls lands a 10.5 lber the second cast on his first trip to the Lake.

Brad Drake's boat had an unreal day catching 2 over 9 and 2 over 8 in the morning. The afternoon it really turned on with Brad Drake landing 10 over 8 pounds in the afternoon and commenting about a great day on the water

Terry Rader reporting 90 fish up to 7 pounds The lake is holding at 76 percent full and the weather has been outstanding with lows in high 60's and the highs around 80

Dec 13th

The fishing turned off very slow today and with numbers only about 20 for the day. We did have 3 fish over 8 pounds ...Narlin thinks that the pattern is set for awhile and we could slower fishing for a few days

Dec 12th

The afternoon of the 12th Brain Zimmerman just called and landed 2 over 9 and 1 over 10 ...numbers of 2 to 5 lbers remain very good

The morning of the 12th The top guide again is Little Juan..All 5 boats reporting lots of numbers this morning with some boats catching over 70 for the morning. Bill Eeverly did catch a 10.4 and 8.10 fishing in 20 ft of water using watermelon 10 inch lizards Mike Knight reported lots of solid 3 to 5 pound bass on 5 inch white flukes

Dec 11th The morning of the 11th had excellent numbers and with 5 boats reporting excellent numbers of 3 to 8 bass. Mike Knight doing good on numbers and size using June Bug color Senkos. Tom Johnston's boat reporting 90 fish this morning throwing on bank using watermelon lizards, Paul Clark's boat fishing with Sixto had very little luck but did use topwater all morning long. Jeff Kindle's boat reported 75 bass this morning with 3 over 8 pounds all on topwater using Rico Poppers

Dec 10th The Jeff Kindle group reported rather slow fishing compared to the results earlier in the week with a few fish topping 7 pounds. Narlin reported smaller fish the last 2 days and not much action on topwater.

Dec 9th with the cold front and the recent drop in the water level the numbers on the 8th disappeared.. Very little topwater action with the fish hard to find.

Dec 7th continued very good numbers of fish caught on topwater...new groups arriving on the 8th...keep posted onthe results

Dec 5th Russ says don't miss out with this fishing , topwater fishing is excellent using rico popper's producing fish over 9 pounds. A very good number of fish caught by the boat guided by little Miguel

Dec 4th Topwater excellent !!!!! with the average size smaller this week than last week with a large number of 2 to 3 lbers caught and a good number of 4 to 6 lbers. The big fish over the last 4 days has been 9 lbs with nothing over 10 caught

White Spinnerbaits still producing very well and have been bringing the bigger fish in vs. the other lures

November Report

Narlin Salazar
Hottest Baits:
Superspooks, smithwick jerkbaits , Berkly swim baits , senkos,
Hottest Colors:
Time of Day:


Nov 30th

Bob Turnbow reports total of 67 fish today 8.8 lber the largest with his brother catching 22 for the day. Good topwater for the smaller fish and spinnerbaits produced the bigger fish

Nov 27th

Fisherman Brad Eddy reported excellent action on spinnerbaits and wacky style blue/black senkos with his boat catching 102 fish up to 9.13 pounds

A little cool front moved thru but did have and affect on the the results

Nov 26th

Nov 25th Fishermen had good results today with all catching fishover 10 pounds one boat only managing 19 fish all day while another boat pulled in over 110 bass. The most productive lure was a wacky style purple 7 inch senko. Topwater is excellent with some on the lake throwing topwater starting at 2 oclock in the afternoon

Papachaw is loaded with 4 to 7 pound bass and Wasama is the sasme but with a few more big ones

Nov 24th

Just got back from the lodge and I personally caught more fish between 3 and
9 1/2 lbs. than I ever have on the lake. Spinner bait action was, without a doubt, the best I have seen. Numbers per boat were ranging from 50 to 90 with Jason Courtney's group commenting that this could have been the best trip ever in their last seven trips to Baccarac, with five fish over 10 lbs.
caught. Ed Newell, fishing solo couldn't believe the numbers of solid fish being caught. More photos and details coming soon!

Nov 19th From Bill Ackers: Best lake PERIOD

Day one 5 biggest fish 38.6 pounds, Day Two 5 biggest fish 54.5 pounds and Day Three 5 biggest fish 45.8 pounds. "No need to say more"

Nov 16th

trip was great the update on your web site says it all our to 10 guys there only one missed catching something over 10 pounds. What a fun 4 days. I have attached two pictures first one is 11.7 pounds by Paul Siebels the second was 10.8 pounds by Jim Siebels.

Nov 14th..This just in from Alan Laing
We had our best trip yet to Baccarac this week.
Day one fishing was a little slow, but after that we caught alot of big fish, averaging 70+ fish per boat per day with a dozen over 10, 3 over 11 and one over 13.
White spinner baits, Black and Blue Senko, White and yellow large rattle traps were all good.
Guides were outstanding, Food was great, Service was super, Narlan and Russ were great hosts.
Thanks Again

Nov 14th

Wil have full report when the guys land back in PhX

The short story shows that big white spinnerbaits produced more than 12 over 10 with one over 13

WOW it is good right now

Nov 12th

Today was a great day on the water according to Narlin, Paul Siebal catching 3 over 10 on white spinnerbaits

The Laing group catching 4 over 11 on white spinnerbaits BACCARAC is excellent right now

Nov 11th

Afternoon of the 10th ...lower numbers but much bigger fish caught on white spinnerbaits with tandem "big" blades Tyler Laing caught a 11.2 and reported several 7 to 10 pounders

Nov 10th

Good News! The airport at Bacubirito is back open and yesterday the Laing Group landed..Yippee!

Recap of the last 3 days on the water:

Ted Fraley, caught mostly senko fish with the following big ones 1 over 11, 1 over 10, 7 over 9, 1 over 8 and 6 over 7 with overall numbers excellent for Baccarac

Doug Browning comments: " It's a fantasy camp for bass fishermen"

Judd Mcpherson comments: " after many trips to slato, Baccarac is the best, overall much better fishing and the Lodge and total staff second to none - our group is coming back"

Gil Wright comments: " Terry it is as good as it gets"

Nov 6th

Narlin called in the report this morning and with 12 boats on the water the fishing is good to excellent for all with some boats catching total numbers of over 130 in day and all reporting fish over 8 pounds with solid 4 to 6 pound fish caught up the river. Russ Johnson while fishing with Scott Mccord landed 5 fish over 8 pounds yesterday afternoon using black/blue senkos

Gil wright has returned from his second group of the season. Gil Wright to date has caught more 10 plus pound trophies than anybody since we opened the lodge in 2004 but his long time friend Hal Clifford has staked claim to the Big Bass tiltle the last two trips together .. Hal pulling in a nice 10.14 lber. both reporting excellent numbers of 6 to 9 lbers mostly caught on senkos

Baccarac is tuned in and should produce excellent results over the next 6 weeks

Nov 3rd

All boats reporting excellent fishing to Narlin. Unreal numbers of of 4 to 7 pound bass caught on black/blue senkos, rattletraps, med running crankbaits. Gil Wright and Hal Clifford caught and released over 200 bass on Nov 2nd

Nov 2nd

What a difference a day makes! With the afternoon of Oct. 31st somewhat slow to average, Nov. 1st proved to be outstanding fishing. Hal Clifford's boat caught over 200 bass, reporting many 4 to 6 lb. bass with a good number of 7, 8, 9's and fish over 10. Hal is lucky enough to fish with our good friend and legendary Baccarac fisherman, Gil Wright. Paul Kennedy and Joe Gann's boat who were fishing with 4 inch swim baits, caught two fish over 9 lbs. but got into a good school of 6 to 8 lb. bass, unbelievable action with great overall numbers. Joe commented that it was the best fishing he has ever had on Baccarac. With six boats on the water today, we will have additional reports this evening. Baccarac is red hot if you go by this report. We do have a good flow of business over the next ten days and we are very excited to see what the lake will produce.

October Report

Sixto Figeroa and Manuel Salazar
Hottest Baits:
Superspooks, smithwick jerkbaits , Berkly swim baits , 10 inch worms in clear colors, senkos, Berkly power worms
Hottest Colors:
Time of Day:


Oct 30th

Manuel reporting excellent numbers and size for yesterdays report with fish to 10 pounds caught on 10 inch watermelon seed Lizards

Oct 27th

No set pattern over the last couple of days, with the results varying widely. Boat #1 in the morning session caught a total of four fish, three of them being just over 1 lb.; one fish caught on Rico PopR, 10 lb. 14 oz.
In the afternoon session fishing up the river, using Senkos and baby bass colored flukes, 78 fish were caught up to 6 lbs. with a good number of four to five lb. bass. Boat #2 being guided by Pablo managed roughly 40 bass in each session, up to 7 lbs. using baby bass laser eye swim shads.

The runway at Bacubirito has been temporarily closed because of permitting issues. A 180 day permit has been issued and now we are waiting on the local military to receive orders from their commander to get our airport back open.

Oct 22nd

No much to report as fishing slowed with the hot days. Most boats reporting 40 fish up to 6 pounds caught on senkos and jerkbaits. Bill Tyson'd boat did not have any luck on topwater in the morning or evening >>>

Oct 21st

The reports from the Lake indicate that topwater fishing has slowed but the senko bite has been really good. The deeper fish like the 10inch power worms. Dr Bill Tyson reports boating his biggest stringer on Monday of 5 fish 41 pounds

Oct 18th

Week oct 10th to Oct 15th : Best baits being Rico PopRs, yellow magic, along with senkos and watermelon red flake, five inch storm wild eyed swim baits in white, chartreuse and pearl, along with ten inch ghost and watermelon seed Berkley Power Worms.
Fishing started out very strong with Gil Wright catching a 10.4 and on the same day catching an 8.10, a 7.11, a 7.0, a 7.3 and a 7.1. Denis Bootenhoff also managed a 9.9, 8.8, 8.5, 7.12 and a 7.5. Gerald Hatch, while fishing with Manuel, caught a 9.7, and Baird Archbald's big fish of the week was an 8.4. Bill Fruit landed a 9.6. The action picked up towards the end of the week and topwater was fantastic, with Tom Spanel of Amarillo catching 45 fish using surface plugs. Not every session was fantastic but the sessions that were good were excellent. Lake Baccarac is currently 93% full and all groups reported a great time.

Oct 7th

The fishing is only getting better on the Lake with Randy Sweigart ending his trip with a 12.1 pound grande.. The lake is producing excellent numbers of 5 to 7 bass along with some trophies. Great fall fishing

Oct 5th

Topwater in the morning and going deep with 10 inch worms and 8 inch lizards in the mid day...Great action with fish up to 9.13 pounds

Oct 4th

We just thought top water action was good. Narlin, while fishing with Randy Sweigart, reports that fishing 25 feet deep with ten inch worms is by far the best pattern on the lake right now. They are managing to catch countless five to seven lb. bass. Even though they did pull a 10 lb. bass from top water, the action with the 5 to 7 lb. bass is much better. Using clear colored smoke and even watermelon 10 inch worms in the southern end of the lake produces the best number of bites. With the guide fishing, making a total of three fishermen in the boat, some boats are catching over 300 bass in a day. This is what Baccarac fall fishing is all about!

Oct 1st and 2nd

Action, action, action! TOPWATER ACTION! Narlin called in and sarcastically reported nothing to get excited about (only lots of fish on topwater with some fish weighing 8 lbs.). No super grandes but plenty of fish for the last three days. Super spooks, along with yellow Magics and Super Pop'Rs have been the best topwater bait, with four inch swim baits from Berkley doing great across the points. Sixto has been guiding our good guest Randy Sweigart and reports similar action and is very excited about the numbers of fish he has seen the last three days.

September Report

From Manuel Salazar_and Narlin Salazar, Sixto Fige
Hottest Baits:
Superspooks, smithwick jerkbaits , Berkly swim baits , green golden lizzards from Duane custom baits
Hottest Colors:
Time of Day:
We have fished on the 9th and the 16th, 17th and the 18th


Sept 28th

Narlin is getting ready for the first official guests of the season, arriving on Wednesday of this week, September 29th, and has reported the following fishing: While fishing with Sixto, they did not find the action they had the week before but they found huge fish on top water using Zara Spooks and working them slowly, almost at a snail's pace, across the points.
Narlin reported huge blow ups from the monsters, with Sixto catching the bigger fish of the afternoon with one fish over 8 kilos (16 lbs.). Narlin emphasized that patience must be exercised this time of year when fishing top water, but with cloud cover all day long, it's possible to fish your favorite top water lure throughout the day.

We are very excited and we are looking forward to more great fishing reports in the coming days.

Sept 19th:

With the lake currently 85% full and new water arriving daily, the rebirth of Baccarac has happened one more time. This is such an exciting time of year for us. The lake is full of water and the scenery could not be more breathtaking. Narlin has recently returned from hosting a small group of doctors from Los Mochis, Mexico. With good numbers of fish being caught, Narlin rated it as outstanding. The best action was in the coves near Wasima but the bigger fish, as always, have shown up in Papachaw and being landed on Berkley Power Bait swim shads, along with XPS Laser Eye shads.
The biggest fish over the last couple of days has been a 10 lb. 6 oz.

We do have a couple of dates in November that are going at 35% off, so please call our office if you are interested.

Manuel has been on the water ....... Good numbers of fish caught mostly near the south end of the lake on the humps...The lake is now at %70 with rain almost everyday

Sixto did catch a bass weighing 7 kilos---over 14 pounds

August Report

From Manuel Salazar_ Terry Hollan
Hottest Baits:
smithwick jerkbaits , Storm swim baits , green lizzards from Duane custom baits
Hottest Colors:
Time of Day:
The month of August


August 18th_ Fishing is as good as it gets right now. Excellent numbers of huge fish caught shallow. Manuel recently hosted a group of Lawyers from Los Mochis and the big fish of 11.3 pounds won the pot with good numbers of 4 to 7 pound bass caught of jerkbaits and lizzards..raining now about every day

Manuel has another group the weekend of the 20th

Ok, all systems go !!! The lake is now rising almost everyday with the rains coming. As the lake is rising the fish have moved very shallow and almost shallow enough to see up on the bank. While on the water August 2nd we did find a 16.4 pound bass floating dead with Talipia in its mouth. Also same day we saw several other bigger fish choking on Talipia.

We do have a group at the Lodge this weekend ( August 7th ) and both boats caught good numbers of bass shallow on Zoom MAg Lizards ( watermelon seed ).. THe lake is at about %50 full and overall we are seeing bigger fish than we saw 6 month ago.

July Report

From Manuel Salazar
Hottest Baits:
summer time patterns
Hottest Colors:
DB 22 white with gray back
Time of Day:
The month of July


The big rains have started !!!!!! Manuel has been on the water and has reported numbers of bigger fish over 9 pounds and up to 14 pounds

Overall fishing at Baccarac during July produced fish only in deeper water with the fish moving more shallow towards the end of the month . Manuel did have two groups at the Lodge in July and both had great trips fishing with plastics ( lizzards ) and the bigger swim baits from Storm

The big fish of the month was caught by Luis Perez from Torreon, Mexico a very nice 14.0

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