Last report of the year!!!

From the Lodge...Manuel Salazar
Hottest Baits:
Rico Popr's for topwater, 5 inch Senkos, wacky style, watermelon lizards, rattletraps blue/silver
Hottest Colors:
watermelon, silver/blue
Time of Day:
Dec. 2nd to Dec 30th


Dec 30th

Last report of the year!!! Good numbers of fish caught of ratltletraps silver/blue with some topwater early and late 80 per boat up to 6 pounds the norm. Weather is very nice and the water temp has now dropped to 73 degrees

Dec 28th

The airport at Bacubiritio is open again.

The last fews days have been excellent with topwater fish early and late. 5 inch senkos in Watermelon along with meduim and small crankbaits. 4 inch swimbaits and junebug worms deeper on the main lake points Fish up to 10 pounds according to Manuel Salazar

Dec 19th

Well, it's official - the big fish are showing up. Russ called in an excellent report with the big fish starting to hit 3/4 oz. and 1 oz.
silver-blue rattletraps. Brad Drake landed one over 11, as well as Norm Klayman, with Terry Rader reporting 140 fish for his boat caught mostly on silver/chartreuse rattletraps, and Terry claimed to have lost the biggest fish he has ever seen in his 40 years of bass fishing. Terry missed the big fish using a medium sized chartreuse Excalibur crank bait. John Taylor caught good sized fish, one over 9 lbs., using watermelon worms. Russ Johnson states the fishing is only improving every day now. With some top water, excellent action and big fish showing up now, we can't wait to see what January brings.

Dec 18th

Terry Raders group of 8 reports Great action with big fish showing up. Norman Klayman caiught a 11.1 on a 3/4 oz rattletrap.

Dec 9th

Topwater Explosion!

With the extremely cool weather, with low temperatures in the 40's, the water has cooled off immensely which has created a topwater explosion! This is the topwater action we have been waiting for since October. Russ Jhnson says that the average size fish keeps getting bigger and BIGGER!

December 2nd

The Gil Wright group of eight has fantastic action - 1125 fish in three days of fishing on the lake. Denis Bootenhoff said it was his second best trip to Lake Baccarac, as far as numbers and size.

Nov. 30

We have had an unusually high number of small fish caught at the lake. The key to catching the big fish is, don't get frustrated with the small fish, use your bigger presentations, 8 inch watermelon seed lizards, 6 inch swim baits. Russ and Narlin had the best luck fishing the humps in the main lake. The mornings are getting cool and the water temperature is dropping.
I would not be surprised if we see some topwater action shortly. Check the photo gallery because new pictures will be posted soon!

Also note: Mr Big Bass " Gil Wright" will be at the Lodge this week

Nov 16th to Nov 21st

Tom Reddington's group of 8 have come an gone for the week. Overall good action but the big fish did not show with the exception of one fish over 9 and and couple of bass over 8. Good numbers of 1 to 3 pound bass caught up the river and not very many mid size fish showing up with the smaller bass but moving off a little deeper is producing the better quality bass

Russ's hot bait of the week is the Rapala Rattlintrap in Blue/silver

Note://See the special page for the listed special

Nov 15th

Fishing remains very strong for numbers and also Tom Redington's group on Nov. 15th landed four fish over 8 lbs. All big fish were caught on Rapala
3/4 oz. rattletraps. Rancho Padre seems to be holding not only the big fish but good numbers as well.

Nov 12th Scott Sagger group

This was my sixth trip to Mexico, my second trip to Lake Baccarac, the first trip being in 2005. This experience was the best I have ever had. Forget about the lodge being beautiful and the food being great. The first two days on the water, fishing by myself with one of the local guides, I was amazed at the numbers of fish that could be caught. I could have easily caught 100 fish on day one and day two, although most were in the 1 to 3 1/2 lb. range. I did manage to eek out a couple of 8 lb. fish. But it seemed like every point, you could have mined for fish for hours. We fished mostly the first two days 6 inch watermelon lizards, throwing close to the bank and working out to 14 feet of water. Very few casts did not produce a fish.
The third day, however, was an unbelievable day on the water. I heard the prodding and joking around the camp from Narlin Salazar directed at his brother Manuel that the recent story being written about Manuel about him being anointed as the king of big fish in Mexico So I asked Manuel if he would be my fishing partner on day three. Lucky for me, he chose to forego his obligations to the lodge and insisted that his brother Narlin go as a guide and from that point forward, brotherly joking and ribbing never stopped. After trying some early topwater with no success and Manuel joking and telling his brother that it was time for a different guide, Manuel directed the boat towards a little cove up the river. We made several casts and caught several fish and before anybody realized it, we might have had 40 fish in the boat with the biggest one being 4 1/2 lbs. So with my limited Spanish, I requested that Manuel find me a big fish. He responded back, I have already found the fish; I'm just waiting for you to catch them! And I explained to him, well, so far, they have only been small. Manuel said, okay, I will catch one big one for you. He made a long cast over the point out in just a little bit deeper water and I would not have believed this if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes; he brings in a 9.8 lb. bass. From that point forward, I was amazed at the number of big fish that Manuel caught almost on demand. That day's total in our boat, myself fishing out of the front, Manuel fishing out of the back and Narlin guiding us, we caught in excess of 160 fish - 14 fish over 8 lbs., three fish over 9 lbs. and two fish over 10 lbs. Manuel Salazar is the king of big bass.

Some great news ...New runaway at Bacubirito.

Action Is Unreal

from the Lodge
Hottest Baits:
Swimbaits, spiinerbaits, crankbaits, buzzbaits, LIZZARDS,,not much topwater yet
Hottest Colors:
Time of Day:
July 25th to Nov 7th


Nov 8th

Action is unreal with Nurhan Papucciyan's

group of 3 reporting catching 1128 bass during there trip along with 2 over 9 and 3 over 10

along Narlin Salazar getting one on topwater that was 11.2

THe Powell group also reporting unreal action with 9.9 being he biggest fish of the week for the group.

The week after Christmas is being offered at huge discounts ..PLease call our office for details

Nov 5th

THe big fish seem to be moving up. Narlin's boat caught 2 9's and 2 over 10 in 15 ft of water using 7 inch watermelon senkos.

All boats reporting great action !!


Rancho Padre area is producing unbelievable action, with a good number of fish between 4 and 8 1/2 lbs. Every week, we seem to be catching a little bit bigger fish and we have never seen this kind of action at Lake Baccarac.
Narlin Salazar did catch and 11.3 lb.'er on topwater on November 3rd.
Catching 100 fish per day per person is very attainable right now. As the weather cools, we predict more and more topwater action and we are already starting to see a lot of big fish busting shad in the back of the coves.
Wassama area seems to be holding the bigger fish and we are predicting some monsters to be caught out of there very soon. Watermelon lizards, medium running crankbaits are producing the best numbers, along with 5 inch senko style watermelon june bug plastics.

Nov 3rd,

Nurhan Papucciyan and his group from Canada reporting the best bass trip they have ever had with 50 fish person being caught each morning and each afternoon...Watermelon Lizzards producing the best numbers and 4 inch swimbaits producing the larger fish

Steve Rudy just returned from the Lodge and reported the best trip he has ever had in Mexico after making 4 trips to El Salto. Steve's big fish was only 7.5 pounds but the action was world class with Steve getting broke off with a couple of big ones

Nov 1st

Narlin reporting excellent results with very very good numbers caught up the river .

Oct 31st

Les Dawson's boat reported catching 412 bass up to 7.3 pounds in three days on the water. Using crankbaits and watermelon lizzards

Oct 25th

Very good numbers of 3 to 5 pound fish, the best numbers we have seen. Some boats catching over 125 bass for the day!! Caught mostly on Watermelon Lizzards and 5" watermelon senkos rigged wacky.

Note: We have a couple of dates where we are looking for two people on a direct flight into Baccarac for info call Terry direct at 806 679 4433 ( cell )

Oct 22nd

Hurricane Rick had very little effect on the Lake with the water level remaining about the same. The weather is cooling and the topwater bite should start soon

Oct 16, 17, 18th

October 14, Ed Connors fished Lake Baccarac using mainly 8 inch watermelon plastic lizards and he reported excellent results in the 3 - 5
1/2 lb. range. Ed estimated catching between 40 and 45 fish per session with very few small fish, mainly catching 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 bass. Ed had some luck on small citrus shad, gizzard shad, small crankbaits.

Wallace Calloway's group arrived Oct. 15 and fished the next three days, through the 18th. Wallace, who has been to the lake many times, reported 40 to 50 fish per boat, most fish being 1 to 5 lbs., not catching any fish over the 5 lb.
mark. He used mostly plastics, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. It seems like the big fish are very deep. The local guides have reported catching fish on swimbaits in deeper water - 40 feet - but we have not been able to put the clients on those fish yet. Water temperature is 81 degrees. The lake is currently over 80% full and clear.

The weekend of August 8 and 9

We normally don't entertain many guests during the hot, rainy summer months. This year, we are trying something new. Our recent guest from Mexico City, Dominic Luna, described it as a tale of two lakes: Late afternoon, as the rainshowers move in and as the clouds build up, the fishing was nothing short of phenomenal, with Dominic and his friends, along with guide Sixto catching one fish over 14 lbs. on a Rico Pop'r; three fish all within three ounces of the 14 lb. mark on solid chrome Husky Jerk baits. The fish were shallow while the lake was covered with shade from the clouds, so Sixto consistently threw his Revenge solid blue jig right up on the bank and slowly drug it into the water. Over and over and over, he caught the fish feeding on the bank. The clear skies in the morning offered no fish at all, according to the recent group. Dominic said: The morning bite is just terrible.
Yet, every afternoon, the fish they could not find before the rains would show up.

2008/2009 season summary

What a season it was at Lake Baccarac. Fishing in October started out with nothing but huge fish, literally with a 6 lb. average, sometimes not catching fish under 6 or 7 lbs. for the entire trip. Many personal bests.
Read the report from Bobby Knight, from Gil Wright, from Greg Riggle during the beginning of October 2008. Booking agent Ricky Green came back testifying, this is the best trip I have ever been on fishing 20 years in Mexico, with nine fish over 11 lbs. and 32 fish over 10 lbs. and an estimated 100 fish over 8 lbs. on his October 21st trip. Ricky wrote to us, saying Baccarac is just an incredible place.

With the late October hurricane, the lake was flooded and fishing changed dramatically. Clients were still landing plenty of big fish, but numbers of fish caught were very low. With the high water and high population of shad, it was very hard at times to get the bass interested in biting artificial lures. There were many isolated stories about excellent numbers and excellent big fish, but after October, there were many challenging days on the water. Gil Wright, who is a monthly guest at the camp, had a great trip in November, catching 13 over 10 lbs. and 36 over 9 lbs. Go back and read Tom Redington's report from the first of December - unbeliveable big fish action.

Predicting the numbers would pick up at some point, we did not really see great action again until June, although all during the season, without a doubt, the average big fish this season was larger than the average big fish last season. We started the new year out January 1 with multiple 14 lb.
fish. We continued to have sometimes unbelievable action and incredible numbers, but sometimes we had neither. All of this was contributed to by the overpopulation of shad and the high water all season. Please go back and read the corresponding reports.

In summary, by the time late May and June came around, Baccarac was repeating what it had done the year before. As a forecast for next season, we look for great fishing. We saw an incredible spawn in the spring of 2009. Those new fish will absolutely devour the excess shad in the lake.
Baccarac, without a doubt, is and will remain the best bass lake in Mexico.

The Best Trip of the Year

Narlin Salazar
Hottest Baits:
black and blue 1 oz. jigs, big swimbaits, and Bill Dance Fat free Shad crankbaits. watermelon lizzards
Hottest Colors:
watermelon seed senkos
Time of Day:
June 7th to June 26th


New pavement on the Runway ,,WOW the runway is now in great shape

From Gil Wright's last trip of the season: " The best trip of the year" Gil and his 3 sons caught 8 fish over 10 pounds with his son Carter catching 4 over 10 and his son Trevor catching 3 over 10 and Gil landing 1 over 10 pounds. The best bite was big crankbaits off structure

Dennis Butenhoff also with his son landed 4 over 10 during the same week " Excellent trip" Dennis had our manger and Guide Manual Salazar fishing with him

Over all the all in the lodge caught fish over 10 during the same period. We have seen many different patterns this seasons.

Mike Murawski Group - fishing June 7 thru today - They

report phenomenal Baccarac fishing, with one fish over 14, two fish over 13, and countless fish caught over 10 lbs. The area in Papachaw is producing the biggest fish.

We see this every June and we are glad we are seeing it again. Groups are catching great numbers of fish with good size.The weather is heating up and so is the fishing!

It's not too late! We still have openings through the end of this month so don't hesitate to call us up and schedule a trip.

Tough Catch Rates

Russ Johnson From the Lodge
Hottest Baits:
black and blue jigs were catching some fish but the BIG fish are being caught on swimbaits and super flukes, wacky senkos good for numbers
Hottest Colors:
Time of Day:
May 9th to May 29th


New pavement on the Runway ,,WOW the runway is now in great shape

The Lodge reporting pretty tuff catch rates for most but some reporting very big fish May 24th to May 29th

Joe McDaniel fishing mostly deep inlands with topwater averaged two fish over 10 a day and and had very good numbers running the banks using wacky style 5 inch senkos . Joe reports" just tons of bait fish in the lake this year but the bigger fish are still biting in the clear water"

May 24th Overall the last few days have very tough according to Russ at the Lodge. Numbers can be caught running the banks with Wacky senkos but the bigger fish near structureare not biting that good.

Manual Salazar fishing the deep structure is having some luck with bigger fish using 6 inch swimbaits.

Narlin Salazar likes the river near the the ranch.

Brad Sims reported low numbers but huge fish with 5 biggest fish weighing 49.9 pounds all caught on topwater later afternoon

Big Rain on the 20th at Lake Baccarac...It looks to be starting early

It's been proven that before and after the full moon, the fishing is markedly different. To illustrate, Kent Newsome's report and Earl Rideau's reports are below. They were both at the lodge from May 3 - 10. These reports both prove that fishing before the full moon is quite productive.

After full moon:
Now we get to the full moon and afterwards. The day of the full moon, there were several big fish caught but the numbers were down.

Three days after the full moon, fishing had slowed quite a bit but Gil Wright, making another trip down to the lodge, broke his personal best, landing a 14.5. From May 11 to 17, a week's worth of fishing, Gil boat caught 22 fish over 10 lbs.

Before full moon:
Kent Newsome: I just wanted to give you an update of my recent trip to the fabulous lake baccarac. In the six days that I fished with the Ed LaRose group I caught the following monsters: Day 1 - 8.5 and 6.5; Day 2 - 8.6, 10.1, 11.8, 7.8, 8.6 and a 9.15, Day 3 - 9.10; Day
4 - 11.11, 10.15, 8.0, 7.0, 7.6 and 11.7 and lastly, Day 5 - 10.12 and a
12.8 pound monster.
As you can see I had a FANTSTIC fishing experience and the guides, service and staff were all great. Special thanks to guides Sixto and Pedro. The absolute best bait fo me during the trip was 5” white storm swim bait. With
1 ½ oz rattle trap running a close second. Also my ESOX rods proved to be a great match for those Lake Baccarac monsters. Thanks again for a great trip!

From Earl Rideau

In my email last night I failed to mention that Tachi went out with me in the afternoon three times and he caught a 13.13, 13.4, 13.2, 12.7 and a 10.3. Just thought you might want to know if you were keeping track of the number of fish over 10.

Earl B. Rideau

Full Moon Slows Things Down

From the Lodge
Hottest Baits:
black and blue jigs were catching some fish but the BIG fish are being caught on swimbaits and super flukes
Hottest Colors:
see lures above
Time of Day:
April 11 - May 13th



May 13 update: Two days after the full moon, fishing has been tough - very little action. A few big fish but the numbers are down. This is a typical pattern after the full moon.

May 11 - latest report from the lodge:

The last five days have been nothing short of phenomenal! Keep reading below:

May 3 - 10:

Earl Rideau -While fishing with Chino for five days, he caught a total of 24 fish over 10 lbs. His biggest fish was 15.4 (30.5" X 23") Wow! His second biggest fish was 14.1 lbs. Quote: "I look forward to my next trip to the World's Greatest Big Bass Lake and there is nothing that is even a close second."

Ed LaRose group from Italy -These guys had a great trip - more 8 - 10lb. fish than they could count. All big fish were caught in deep structure using weighted flukes.

Sportswriter Matt Williams from Texas will have a great trip to write about when he gets back into the office. While fishing with Gil Wright of OKC, he broke his personal best - a 12.1. The also caught an 11.8 and two fish over 9 lbs.

OTHER CATCHES OF NOTE: These guys just arrived May 8th and this is so far: Tim Boatman of Nacogdoches, TX caught a 10.5. Ed Spencer pulled in a 10.10 and a 10.9. Jamie Tillman came to the lake to beat his personal best and did so on his FIRST CAST - catching an 8.8 fish.


May 7th. Big fish day with Jimbo Bearford catching a total of 44 fish with 17 over 7 pounds and 3 over 10 and 1 over 11, All fish came while fishing up the river using black blue jigs tipped with black frogs

May 6th ..Awesome day on the water..Earl Rideau's five biggest fish weighed 61 pounds..Big Flukes .....

May 4th and 5th Slow fishing on the 4th but May 5th produced 7 over 10 pounds with Earl Rideau catching 2 over 10 and stating that Lake Baccarac is the best big bass lake in the world!!!! Tom Elliot landed 4 over 10 on Little Sammeys ,,,,fishing in may is just awesome. Manual Salazar is guiding at the Lodge this week!!!!

MAy 1st to 3rd Very slow numbers of fish caught on May 1st but very very good action on May 2nd fishing deep with big crank baits 2 over 12 and 4 over 10 caught

April 25 - 29 - Gil Wright just returned again from the lodge. While fishing Saturday, APril 25 with Bob Childress, he landed a 12.14. Bob, on his first cast of the day, caught a fish over 10 lbs. - a feat he has never accomplished fishing ten years at El Salto.

By Sunday, April 26, eight guys out of nine in this group had set their personal best record.

Paul Adams landed an 11.9 with guide Crispin. By Tuesday, April 28, 23 fish over 10 lbs. were caught by anglers at the lodge. Mike Watson, on his first trip to Baccarac after making multiple trips elsewhere in Mexico, caught his first fish over 10.

Hal Smith - this was his 27th trip to Lake Baccarac, which has to be a record in and of itself, rates this trip as an excellent one to the lake! Overall, very good fishing so don't miss out!

from Ron Dameron April 11 - 15 : Terry and Cheryl, wanted to give you all a report on our 3 days of fishing trip April 11-15. Larry and I had a slow first day and a half but it picked up the last day and a half. I had an 8.8 and 10.2 the first morning and a 8.75, 9.6 that afternoon, Larry had several 7’s and his largest the first day was an 8.5. Day two I started out with another 10 even and a 9.3 kinda slowed down but we caught numerous 4 to 6’s Larry got a 9.5. On the last day my first two fish was an 8.5 and a 10.4 we moved around after that for awhile and picked up a few more in the 4 to 6 pound range. That evening Jesus found some schooling fish and in consecutive casts I caught a 4.5, 6.5 and a 10.10 several casts later I caught a 9.5. We ended up catching 110 fish for the three days. By the way 3 of the 10’s were caught on flukes the 4th was on a Carolina rigged 8” magnum lizard. The staff did a good job as did the pilot who did a good job landing with the wind we had coming in on Saturday. Hope to do it again soon.


35 Fish Over 9 Pounds!

From the Lodge
Hottest Baits:
Lizzards, , Must bring 7" super flukes Swimbaits, big crankbaits Pro fisherman Gil Wright says use topwater this time of year
Hottest Colors:
senkos gray/white...watermelon seed watermelon/red
Time of Day:
April 6th -14th


April 9th to April 14th...WOW ready get for reports coming in-- Ross Rushing of LUbbock Texas reporting 35 fish over 9 7 over 10 and 1 over 11

Sam Reed of Sayre Ok reporting 44 fish over 5, 22 over 6 1 over 7- 4 over 8 and 10 over 10 in 3 days on the water..Sam says use clear line and fish very, very slow up the rivers......

THe weather is has warm and the wind still not very strong the lake is at 65% pool

April 7th and 8th Full moon Fever Huge fish the past two days ... Ross Rushing of Lubbock Texas now has caught 7 over 10 since his arrival on Monday and gives credit to his Guide Savano Shane Ryal has a great afternoon catching 2 over 10 and 4 over 9 pounds fishing up the river near the white cross ( all big fish caught on big crankbait chartuse color )

April 6th report : The Ross Rushing group from Lubbock Texas, arriving and fishing 1/2 day today had excellent results Explosion of big numbers of big bass countless numbers of 4 pound bass also 7.3, 7.5, 7.13 8.0, 8.11, 9.7. 10.6, 11.8

JAson Carney from Boston landed a 11.15 and reported excellent numbers with 70 fish caught forthe boat

Jim Etheridge catching 2 over 11 pounds

Shane Ryal catching 3 over 9 and 2 over 10

EXcellent fishing the 6th of April

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