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Terry HollanTerry Hollan, owner of Lake Huites Lodge and also the owner of Reel Mexican Adventures, has become a prominent name in Mexico bass fishing circles. He is known for building luxurious facilities and providing first-class service to his clientele.

With the help of his partner, Rene Salazar, he has made Lake Huites Lodge the “gold standard” by which all lodges are to be judged. The tradition is continuing at Lake Baccarac Lodge, which will be a mirror image of Lake Huites Lodge, both in terms of its architecture and service provided to bass fishermen.

Narlin SalazarNarlin Salazar not enough can be said about his ability. Narlin is an aviid outdoors man and is the ultimate host for the Lodge at Lake Baccarac.
Many of you have fished with Narlin at Lake Huites Lodge and understand his deep care for his clients. Narlin has made his mark on Lake Baccarac Lodge!
Narlin in 2009 was recognized by the Outdoor Channel has one of Mexico's best managers.
Manuel SalazarProperly named by the locals in the area (the Hawk), Manuel Salazar, without a doubt has caught more big fish and maybe caught more fish, period, than any man we know of. Ask any guide in the entire state of Sinaloa, maybe in the entire country of Mexico, and they know the fabled stories of Manuel Salazar.
Manuel's full-time duties are as the manager of Lake Huites Lodge but from time to time, he graces us with his presence at Lake Baccarac Lodge. His personality and expertise are a great addition. The greatest fisherman I have ever seen, I'll put my money on it!
Russ JohnsonThe heart and soul of the entire operation in Mexico for the last 10 years. Not one person has been more responsible for the logicals and maintenance operations of both Lake Huites Lodge and Lake Baccarac Lodge.
Russ is now premanent fixture at Lake Baccarac Lodge as many of you guys know. A great friend to Terry and the entire staff.
Sonny, a resident fixture at Lake Baccarac for the last fourteen years and father figure to many of the locals, he has caught more 10 lb. bass than any man we know. He knows Lake Baccarac better than anyone. Sonny is responsible for making the call that, it was time to build a lodge lakeside at Baccarac.
I hope each and every one of you have the pleasure of meeting this resident bass fishing expert while at the lodge.

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